Unternehmensgruppe Eckert


Eckert Schools International are a subsidiary of the Eckert Schools, a renowned educational institution in Germany with long-standing experience in professional education. They are affiliated with the Dr. Eckert Akademie gemeinnützige GmbH.

With Eckert Schools International, we can provide worldwide access to educational and professional training programs according to highest standards “Made in Germany” and foster the international exchange of innovation, knowledge and expertise.

We are specialized in offering German education and training programs, which have an excellent reputation on global markets, consequently being in great demand all over the world.

We offer custom-tailored, international courses such as German Industrial Master Craftsman, ‘Train the Trainer’, Consulting, and other customer-specific seminars - just to name a few examples of our comprehensive curriculum.

Certainly, we provide comprehensive support in all matters concerning school organization as well as ‘quality management in the field of education’ and help you implement concepts of the German dual vocational training system.

As a rule, our entire prospectus is offered in both English and German. Other languages are available upon request.

We intensively prepare our international applicants for their educational and / or vocational training in Germany. Certainly, we also provide participants with comprehensive support to successfully complete a professional training in Germany and remain the major point of contact during their stay. Thus, we actively contribute to expanding the skilled workforce in Germany.

Being a global player in the field of education, Eckert Schools International have been providing professional education, expertise and know-how of highest ‘Made in Germany’ quality standards for several decades.