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Quzhou Technician College in China Implements Project and Action-Oriented Approach for Tangible Results

In January 2024, Eckert Schools International organized an impactful training initiative at Quzhou Technician College in China. Head of Department Hubert Döllinger took the lead, employing dynamic…


Dual Training Excellence: Bavarian Companies Showcase Best Practices to Chinese Educators for In-Depth Insights into In-Company Training

On Monday, January 22, 2024, Eckert Schools International extended a warm welcome to 53 participants from Caofeidian College of Technology and Tangshan Maritime Institute/China for a week-long…


Dr. Eckert Academy Designated as Teacher Training Center for Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering in Germany - Special Recognition Following Two Successful Teacher Training Programs

In November and December 2023, Eckert Schools International hosted two comprehensive train-the-trainer programs for the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering at the Eckert Schools campus in…


Eckert Schools International on tour: Business trip to China

At the end of November 2023, Eckert Schools International went on a one-week business trip to China to expand existing projects and initiate new opportunities for cooperation. Five vocational colleges… more

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The foundation of a comprehensive cooperation is set

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The Binzhou Technician College and the Dr. Eckert Academy signed a far-reaching memorandum of understanding for a future cooperation. more