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Quality management system in vocational schools

A quality management system in vocational schools and colleges helps to ensure the quality of education. It constantly reviews, improves and optimises processes and services, which eventually guarantees highest standards of educational offers.

Vocational schools and colleges are supposed to show more accountability with regard to self-regulation and self-control. This entails an effective internal quality management with goals and target agreements, regular performance reviews through internal evaluations and a school development programme in which all quality initiatives are documented. 

By establishing a quality management system based on educational requirements, challenges can be faced in a purpose-oriented and structured way.

An effective quality management may ...

  • strengthen the educational profile of the respective educational institution
  • ensure the quality of teaching
  • optimise the work of school management, staff and administration sustainably
  • improve communication and information flow
  • encourage commitment of all target groups involved in the process
  • increase the satisfaction of students and teachers
  • make processes more transparent
  • achieve synergy effects by integrating existing projects/processes into system structures
  • guarantee a more efficient use of valuable resources (working time, financial resources, etc.).

Eckert Schools International will gladly provide advice and support with the development of a quality management system.


A quality management system includes:

  • Quality Management Manual
  • Quality Management Representative
  • Document control
  • Process and procedural instructions
  • Personnel development, staff training and continuing education
  • Internal quality audits
  • Management review
  • External quality audits

Thus, you will comply with all prerequisites for a successful certification of your QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.