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Train Driver (m/f)

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Train driver license (TfV) incl. class B
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Purpose: Qualification as a Train Driver (m/f)

Train drivers, commonly also known as (railroad) engineers, are responsible for the safe operation of trains and shunting movements. In passenger services, they drive suburban, long-distance or local / commuter trains. In freight traffic, they either work on-site at a company or take on nationwide assignments.

Furthermore, train drivers are in charge of preparation and finishing, thus ensuring smooth rail operations. As a train driver, you have to be familiar with requirements of rail operations and comply with the respective guidelines. You need to handle both regular operations and disruptions with confidence and a solution-oriented approach. You ought to be technically-minded as you will maintain and service traction units, carry out inspections and minor repairs in your future job. Since train operators bear a lot of responsibility, they need to act deliberately and comply with the regulations, even in unforeseen situations.


The Eckert Schools provide a practice-oriented training for the job of a train driver: During this further training course, you will acquire relevant theoretical knowledge and gather practical experience with a simulator training.

The theoretical part of training conveys all necessary regulations and teaches you how to implement them accordingly. The practical training deals with the operation of the vehicles and the application of theoretical knowledge in daily operations. During your practical training you may be assigned on weekends.

Detailed Contents 

  • Accident prevention in railroad operations
  • First aid
  • General technical knowledge for the acquisition of the locomotive driver's license
  • Infrastructure-related expertise for acquiring the additional certificate for the locomotive driver's license
  • Vehicle-related technical knowledge for the acquisition of the additional certificate (E- and V-traction)
  • Professional customer service
  • Training to brake tester
  • Training to wagon inspector G
  • Line train control LZB

convenient arrival and departure on weekends guaranteed.

Admission Requirements for International Applicants:

  • Minimum age of 20 years and general school-leaving certificate issued in the home country that can be recognized as an intermediate school-leaving certificate in Germany
  • Professional qualification or proof of relevant professional and life experience
  • Medical and psychological aptitude test in accordance with the Traction Vehicle Driver's License Ordinance - includes vision, hearing and color perception, among other things
  • Flexibility for nationwide deployment
  • German language skills at least level B2 (certificate from Goethe Institute or Telc)

Examination and Qualification

Examinations are based on the specifications of the Traction Vehicle Driving License Ordinance (TfV) and are conducted by recognized examiners. After successfully passing the final exam, you will obtain the following qualifications:

  • Traction vehicle driver's license in accordance with the Traction Vehicle Driver's License Ordinance (TfV).
  • Required knowledge according to Annex 6 and 7 of the Traction Vehicle Driver's License Ordinance (TfV)

The further training to become a train driver is carried out in close cooperation with

Train4Train - flexible, individual and groundbreaking

Train4Train GmbH is a medium-sized service company in the operational field of the railroad industry. They focus on the training and further education of employees with operational tasks in railroad companies. Train4Train GmbH is accredited by the Federal Railway Authority for the training and examination of train drivers in accordance with the German Train Driving Licence Ordinance (TfV).

Train4Train GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and AZAV

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Registration Mon. to Thu.: 08:10 - 17:15, Fri. 08:10 - 13:00