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China: Eckert know-how highly popular export success

Another step to tighten relationships: head of department and teacher Hubert Döllinger on a business trip in China.

Three stops were on Hubert Döllinger’s to-do-list when the representative of Eckert Schools International set off to China in middle of June. His trip started with a highlight: On three days he gave a lecture in front of approximately 240 teachers at the Dongying Vocational Institute, which is located directly at the Yellow Sea. Currently, around 23 000 students are enrolled at this institute. Therefore, it is quintessential for its teachers to stay up-to-date. On this particular trip, Hubert Döllinger brought special know-how about the setup of the German educational system and the German VET to the campus in China. Mr. Döllinger not only presented theory as well as practical examples but also introduced his listeners to  tried-and-tested activating teaching methods.

His second stop was 300 kilometres southeast of Dongying in Quindao at the local tourism school. There he met with representatives of six Chinese vocational schools in order to have first talks about a possible cooperation with Eckert Schools International. It was their designated aim that Chinese vocational students should continue their further education in Germany after graduating in China. Apart from learning the individual technical contents, these students would also have to learn the German language. It quickly became apparent that both, the possibilities of development for the cooperation as well as the support by the Chinese government are huge.

After a successful meeting, Hubert Döllinger had to travel another 1600 kilometres – this time to the west of China, namely to Tianshui. Not only did he participate in the Fuxi Memorial Ceremony as an honorary guest, he also visited the construction site of the Tianshui vocational education centre. During a conference, Döllinger had the chance to get information about the current status of the planning process as well as the construction progress. In the future, around 15000 young adults should get their education in one of 18 different departments. While more precise general conditions will be stipulated in future meetings, a cooperation with Eckert Schools International is definitely intended.

In the past, an education and training delegation from Tianshui under the leadership of vice mayor Mr Gong already paid a visit to Eckert Schools International on July 23, 2017.  A subsequent delegation visited Regenstauf campus on May 22, 2019 to define the possibilities of a future cooperation more closely.

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