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China: Know-how for 400 vocational colleges

The Chinese-German Union for Vocational Education and Training at Tongji University welcomed Eckert Schools International as a valuable cooperation partner to a ceremony in Shanghai

Shanghai. Know-how made in Germany: German educational qualifications are in demand as never before. Thus Markus Johannes Zimmermann (CEO), Gerald Saule (Head of Vocational Training International) and Hua Lei (Senior Project Manager International) followed the friendly invitation to Shanghai to attend the 3rd Council meeting and annual meeting of the Chinese-Germans Union for Vocational Education and Training at Tongji University in Shanghai, to sign a promising cooperation agreement at the beginning of January 2019.

The Tongji University Union brings together more than 400 professional schools from a total of 31 Chinese provinces and directly reports to the central government. The stated goal: The implementation of German standards of vocational education and training in China. Due to many years of experience and great success in the field of "educational know-how as an export hit," Eckert Schools International was recommended by the Bavarian Ministry of State for Education and Culture.

This was followed by an initial acquaintance in December last year. After several very constructive and friendly working discussions at the Regenstauf campus and Munich, it was quickly clear for both sides: Closer cooperation means great opportunities for both cooperation partner and can significantly change the Chinese educational landscape.

Teaching content, set-up and process organisation, quality management: Eckert Schools International supports the establishment of a comprehensive school management and service system through further training in China as well as through professional and cultural exchange on campus in Regenstauf.

For more information on Eckert Schools International's educational offer please contact Hua Lei, 502 158, email info@eckert-schools-international.com or search for www.eckert-schools-international.com on the internet.