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Chinese-German Union of vocational training: training of 59 teachers

As partners of the Chinese-German Union of vocational training of Tongji University, Eckert Schools International welcomed 59 teachers of Chinese vocational colleges in July and August 2019 and conducted four customized train-the-trainer programs to enhance the Chinese educational system.

Verabschiedung der Train the Trainer Gruppe 19-1

Verabschiedung der Train the Trainer Gruppe 19-2

Verabschiedung der Train the Trainer Gruppe 19-3

Verabschiedung der Train the Trainer Gruppe 19-4

Teilnahme an der Techniker-Abschlussfeier der Dr. Eckert Akademie

Exkursion zur Firma Gerresheimer in Wackersdorf

Exkursion zur Hochschule Rosenheim

Regenstauf, “It is not about a mere exchange of knowledge,” says Markus Johannes Zimmermann, CEO of Eckert Schools International. For him, it is rather the cooperation with institutes of distant countries which plays a pivotal role. “We have to learn from each other and we have to face the future challenges of training skilled workers together.” This is exactly what the latest train-the-trainer programs have in mind: 59 teachers of Chinese vocational colleges, divided into four groups, participated in intensive trainings of two weeks each on the campus of Regenstauf, to learn about the vocational training in Germany.

Apart from practical workshops about quality management and quality control of vocational education or the development and the definition of a general training plan in Germany, the participants analysed the German vocational training plan with a sample vocation. Of course, the participants did not only want to study theory, but they also wanted to see the practical side of it: So several field trips were also part of the agenda, e.g. to the BMW plant in Regensburg, Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, the company Gerresheimer in Wackersdorf, and the Regenstauf plant of the company Knott. This, however, was not all, as an exchange is always also about international experience – and this was guaranteed by enjoying Bavarian specialties or by a city tour through Regensburg.

Back in January 2019, these training weeks started with a cooperation agreement which was signed at the 3rd Council meeting and annual meeting of the Chinese-German Union for vocational education at Tonjii University, Shanghai.  It is the declared aim to establish a comprehensive school management or service system based on further trainings in China as well as on a professional and cultural exchange with Regenstauf campus. The four pioneering groups who visited Regenstauf this summer lay an important foundation for this project.

The Chinese-German Union for vocational education at Tonjii University consists of more than 400 vocational colleges from 31 Chinese provinces and directly answers to the central government. So, in the future the standards of German vocational education are also going to be applied in China.

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