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The first Vietnamese car: Eckert Schools International delivers expert know-how

Vingroup is conquering the Asian car market - soon the first car from Vietnam, "Vinfast" will appear on the market. For this, skilled personnel are needed on the ground: at the moment, 18 teachers from Vietnam are taking a tailored Train the Trainer programme at Eckert Schools International with focal points on industrial mechanics and mechatronics. In this way, they are being equipped to deal with task of training the skilled workers needed in Vietnam.

Regenstauf. The pioneering spirit meets expert know-how: in January 2018, a very special practical training was launched at Eckert Schools International. In cooperation with Vingroup, 18 teachers from Vietnam are taking a six-month Train the Trainer programme. Their goal: to train up young personnel at Vingroup's future training centre from September 2018. The project involves industrial mechanics and mechatronics and the dual educational system, the secret of the success of German education. The first cars produced in Vietnam should be rolling off the production line very soon. "We are very pleased to be part of this ambitious and innovative project," said Gerald Saule – Head of Vocational Training at Eckert Schools International.

An affordable car of high quality - from the Vietnamese for the Vietnamese - this is the significance for Le Thi Thu Thuy, the Vice Chair of Vingroup's Administrative Board for Future Planning. After success in retail, health, hotels and gastronomy, the newly founded division "Vinfast" aims to conquer the home automotive market. The car factory on 335 hectares in Haiphong started last year. The port city is in the north of Vietnam near China. In order to produce the first Vietnamese car, Vinfast is counting on the know-how of Eckert Schools International amongst others.

Eighteen teachers are currently being intensively prepared at Eckert for training the skilled workers on the ground in the occupational areas industrial mechanics and mechatronics. "The project is split into two phases", explains Gerald Saule. For three months, the participants will undertake their training at the Regenstauf campus. Then a further three months will take place in Vietnam. There, Vinfast wants to add a training centre to the production facilities. "Our participants will train up over 100 apprentices", said Saule. In addition, Eckert Schools International is supporting the building, inauguration and long-term implementation of the training centre. "We are already looking forward to being able to jointly passing the first trainees in Vietnam with you in two and a half years."

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