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Dr. Eckert Academy Designated as Teacher Training Center for Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering in Germany - Special Recognition Following Two Successful Teacher Training Programs


In November and December 2023, Eckert Schools International hosted two comprehensive train-the-trainer programs for the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering at the Eckert Schools campus in Regenstauf.

The primary focus areas included the formulation and execution of vocational training programs in Germany, with a specific emphasis on vocational training within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Interactive expert workshops were conducted to delve into learning field concepts and learning field-oriented framework curricula tailored to vocational schools in the dual training system. Additionally, sessions addressed training standards and regulations crucial for the effective implementation of training plans within companies.

The comprehensive training and professional development program were complemented by a series of engaging technical excursions to various companies, vocational schools, and universities, providing valuable insights and practical experiences.

Beyond the technical content, participants were treated to cultural highlights in Bavaria during the weekends, enhancing their overall experience.

The Dr. Eckert Academy was honored with a special award during the certificate presentation ceremony concluding the teacher training programs. As a result, it has been officially designated as a teacher training center for the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering in Germany.

Mr. Zimmermann, CEO and Principal of the Dr. Eckert Academy, expressed gratitude to Mr. Zhou, vice president of Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering and underscored their immense pride in the trust bestowed upon the Dr. Eckert Academy. Mr. Zhou highlighted that the foundation has been set for an enduring, trustworthy, and sustainable collaboration between the two educational institutions.