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Eckert Schools International on tour: Business trip to China

At the end of November 2023, Eckert Schools International went on a one-week business trip to China to expand existing projects and initiate new opportunities for cooperation. Five vocational colleges in five different cities were visited.


On November 11th 2023, Mr. Zimmermann (CEO and Principal of the Dr. Eckert Akademie gGmbH), Mr. Saule (Head of Vocational Training International) and Ms. Hua Lei (Senior Project Manager International of Eckert Schools International) visited the Xuzhou Construction Technician College in China.

The collaboration established with Xuzhou Construction Technician College since May 2023 is designed to introduce the framework for specialized training, educational standards, curricula, and teaching methodologies based on the German dual training model in the field of industrial mechanics at Xuzhou Construction Machinery Technician College for the "Sino-German classes."

Eckert Schools International is currently facilitating on-site training sessions in Xuzhou for three classes in the field of "industrial mechanic," led by a German trainer. Furthermore, Eckert Schools International is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the entire project. Upon the successful culmination of the program, participants in the Sino-German classes will be conferred with an "Industrial Mechanic" certificate from Eckert Schools International, recognized as an educational partner of the IHK Academy.

During the business trip, the representatives of Eckert Schools International were able to experience the excellent facilities at the Xuzhou Construction Technician College and the progress of the project.

The occasion served as an opportunity to personally acquaint the students of the Sino-German cooperation classes with the Eckert Schools, inspire them, and address any queries they may have had.

Key opportunities for subsequent projects were uncovered during the productive concluding discussion. After the visit to Xuzhou Construction Technician College, Eckert Schools International proceeded with its business trip to Huainan, Wuxi, Lishui, and Shanghai.