Unternehmensgruppe Eckert


Eckert Schools International training teachers in occupational education on the ground in China

The German dual vocational education and activity-based teaching methods are the main topics of the training sessions

Dezhou/Binzhou, China Between 23/04/2018 and 28/04/2018 Eckert Schools International carried out further teacher training programs in China. Two colleges in the Shandong Province invited the German expert in occupational education, Mr Gerald Saule, Head of Vocational Training International at Eckert Schools International to China. Mr Saule gave lectures over several days for the teaching staff of the Binzhou Vocational and Technical College and again for the Dezhou Vocational and Technical Colleges, on the ground in Shandong, China. The main topics of these teacher-training courses were the German educational system, the dual vocational educational system, the development and realisation of activity-based teaching plans in German vocational education, the methodology and didactics of occupational education, and school management systems and quality management systems in occupational education.

Over 200 members of the teaching staff from the Binzhou Vocational and Technical College took part in the training program. "Herr Saule's lectures are very interesting. We learned a great deal from them. The training program from Eckert Schools International is extremely successful. Thank you very much!" This was the evaluation of Mr Saule's deployment by Mr Junhua Mu, the deputy head of the Binzhou Vocational and Technical College.

At the Dezhou Vocational and Technical College, the participants were able to join in the teaching activities. Using mind maps, brainstorming or fishbowl techniques, the participants developed the concept for the introduction of the dual vocational education system in China themselves. Dezhou College and Eckert Schools International want to intensify the exchange between teaching staff and students and signed a memorandum of understanding on future cooperation accordingly.

Due to the excellent realisation of the teacher training sessions, further requests are already coming in from several occupational colleges from the Shandong Province, inviting the educational experts of Eckert Schools International to carry out further teacher training programs in China.

In great appreciation of Eckert Schools International at the end of the teacher training program, Mr Saule was named a guest professor at the Dezhou Vocational and Technical College.