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ESI agrees on cooperation with Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Secondary Vocational School

German Industrial Master Craftsman International (DIMI) as next stage after initial vocational training in China.

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Zhangjiagang/Jiangsu Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Seconary Vocational School in China is where one of China's most modern educational centres is currently being established - and this is where the knowledge of Eckert Schools international will be deployed in the future. By signing the cooperation declaration, the foundation stone for the next stage following the initial vocational training in China was laid. The focus is the further training resulting in the German Industrial Master Craftsman International (DIMI) and will be completed with an IHK-Akademie examination.

At the meeting in China, the managing director of CDBB Ltd., Ms Xia Huang visited the vocational school together with the representatives of Eckert Schools International. The trainees proudly presented a self-constructed solar panel, which automatically adjusts to the level of the sun and thus produces electricity with maximum efficiency to the team of Eckert Schools International, consisting of CEO Markus Johannes Zimmermann, Head of Vocational Training International Gerald Saule and Senior Project Manager International Hua Lei.

In future, a German-Chinese cooperation-class will be installed in the vocational school, which will profit from the many years of experience in dual training according to the German model. In cooperation with the CDBB Ltd, the young junior professionals are trained there, among other things, for their degree as German Industrial Master Craftsman international (DIMI), receiving expert support by Eckert Schools International.

For more information on Eckert Schools International's educational offerings please contact Hua Lei, by phone (+9402) 502 158, by email at info@eckert-schools-international.com or online at www.eckert-schools-international.com.