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Fit for electrotechnology: specific know-how for Chinese vocational teachers

In the context of a customized train-the-trainer program, six teachers from Changzhou College of Information Technology caught up on vocational training in the field of electrotechnology at Eckert Schools International.

For more than three centuries the most populous country of the world has been experiencing double digit growth. The Chinese economy is booming and because of this rapid development, the demand for specialists is huge, and China loves to take the German VET as model. So, in July 2019 vocational teachers of Changzhou College of Information Technology went to Germany to extend their expert knowledge. In a one-week intensive workshop at Eckert Schools International on Regenstauf campus they were introduced to vocational education in Germany, especially in the field of electrotechnology.

General introductory lectures supplied the teachers with a comprehensive overview over the German system of education. Then, they went on to study the matter in more depth and learned about the effects that industry 4.0 has on vocational education. Also, they learned about the importance and the competences of a state certified electrical engineer.

The Chinese teachers were impressed by a realistic project which students had developed in the course of their further education. They soon realized an education that is oriented towards application and practice is quintessential in the teaching of specialists at Regenstauf campus. The importance of this kind of education was also supported by a tour through the BMW plant in Regensburg during which the teachers could see how the know-how acquired at vocational schools could be applied in reality.

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