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Industrial master craftsman goes international: The German title master craftsman a world-wide hit

Eckert Schools International bids farewell to six graduates from Malaysia as German Industrial Master Craftsman International (DIMI) becomes ever more popular

Regenstauf. From Asia to Bavaria: training brought five participants from Malaysia and one from Germany to the campus in Regenstauf. Now they are harvesting the fruits of their work in interactive training laboratories, internships and classrooms. Having received their certificates, they now hold the title German Industrial Master Craftsman International (DIMI) specialising in Mechatronics. "This is a unique qualification," stresses Markus Johannes Zimmermann. "They know the theory, have a command of practical application and thus they return home as sought-after specialists," continued the CEO of Eckert Schools International.

And demand is high. The digital transformation is exacting for all businesses in every sector around the globe. Almost all areas of employment are becoming more interlinked, interactive and fast moving. Sound theory lessons, practice in businesses, examination by the IHK Academy: DIMIs have the best prerequisites to take up the decisive key positions between planning and technology. "Our partner companies contribute decisively to this," emphasised Zimmermann. The most recent graduates reaped the benefits of internships with well-known businesses in the Regensburg area: Siemens AG, one of the largest companies in the areas electrical engineering and electronics; Gerresheimer GmbH leading partner of the pharmaceutical and health-care industry; and Inotech Kunststofftechnik GmbH, the leading system provider for plastics and surface engineering. "I would like to thank our project partners once more," said Zimmermann, "they make it possible for our participants to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and become vividly acquainted with the high quality standards of German businesses." Expert-skills in the areas personnel management, time management, and business communication are adopted in the tailor-made seminar "Professional Management and Leadership".

Everyone is talking about the hospitality, intercultural competence and, last but not least, the technical knowledge of Eckert Schools International. Accordingly, the Regenstauf campus is developing more and more into the place to go for skilled personnel from other countries who want a forward looking qualification. Eckert Schools International has been cooperating with the University of Kuala Lumpur for many years, and many groups of participants have worked their way up to the International Master Craftsman title. Namibia is also backing education, made in Germany, in one of many other projects. In summer 2016, teachers from vocational training colleges completed a Train-the-Trainer program over many months, preparing them for the transition to alternative energy sources in their own country.

From Nigeria to Iran to Belgium, the Ukraine or Trinidad and Tobago: "We are receiving requests from all corners of the world," says Zimmermann, "at the moment, we are  having many different discussions about cooperative projects." In addition, the tried and tested seminar and teaching portfolio is being further enhanced and upgraded. Meanwhile, the educational experts always keep the needs of the countries and global companies in mind. "It is only by understanding the requirements of the governmental representatives and employers that we can offer our participants a genuine expansion of their skills profile."

For further information on the educational possibilities Eckert Schools International offers, contact Hua Lei  by telephone at (+49 9402) 502-158, e-mail at info@eckert-schools-international.de or on the internet at www.eckert-schools-international.com.