Unternehmensgruppe Eckert


Intensive academic exchange program for Shaanxi Communications Vocational and Technical College

Focus on new technologies in different fields and their impact on vocational training

In a trip that would take them across the globe, twelve Chinese teachers set out on a journey that sent them more than 7.800 kilometres away from home. From Beijing, they went to the German region called Oberpfalz (Upper Palatine) to the campus in Regenstauf to extend their know-how at Eckert International Schools in a 2-week academic exchange program. The main topics were intelligent systems and control technologies in the field of traffic safety. Teachers of both educational institutes got to know each other much better during this exchange program. This exchange lay the foundation for a future cooperation between Shaanxi Communications Vocational and Technical College and Eckert Schools International.

In his talk, Mr Suner, training consultant of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), focused on how the German VET is constantly adapting and making progress with regard to the requirements of new technologies. He introduced his listeners to the current situation of vocational training in the field of German logistics, explained the functions of the CCI in terms of vocational training in Germany and also illustrated the collaboration of companies, vocational colleges and the CCI within the VET system. What is the significance of the German VET for trainees as well as for companies? The participants of the exchange got to see the answer to this question by visiting the centre for logistics Sonepar, the BMW plant in Regensburg and the training centre of the Deutsche Bahn in Munich.

Practical relevance is the key to continued success in learning. To illustrate this, the program introduced the teachers not only to the further education to state certified technician for automotive engineering and electromobility, but it also offered analysis of a representative project work of current students of the subject. Another major field of interest was the role and the impact of industry 4.0 in regard to vocational training, as well as getting an idea of how the “internet of things” can be applied in the area of railway technology. By using specific examples, the speakers also illustrated how learning field concepts can be implemented and they also showed an example of a VET-CCI exam in the field of automotive electronics.

Shaanxi Communications Vocational and Technical College is known as “the cradle of transport engineering management” in China and is a public vocational college which is run by the people’s government of the province Shaanxi under the leadership of the ministry of education. It is their declared aim to foster the best qualified technical personnel for transportation management.

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