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Know-how for Chinese driving instructors

Another milestone in the cooperation between Eckert Schools International and the Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute has been laid: In December 2018, twelve teachers from Kaifeng (China) received their Train the Trainer certificates

Rainstorm / Kaifeng (China). After several successful trainings by Eckert Schools International on-site in China, the twelve teachers at the Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute visited the Regenstauf Campus in December 2018. Their goal: Expert knowledge for the implementation of dual training in the fields of mechatronics and mechanical engineering. During the tailor-made train-the-trainer course, the participants received a holistic update - and also the cultural exchange didn't fall short. 

Lectures & Workshops     

  • Development and implementation of the action-oriented teaching field concept for the profession of mechatronics
  • Action-oriented teaching methods as well as creativity and presentation techniques
  • Project work of prospective state-certified mechanical engineering technicians: Presentation and exchange with students
  • Presentation of the framework curriculum & various project works of the state-certified mechatronics technicians
  • Conducting the IHK examination in the fields of mechatronics and industrial mechatronics
  • Machine design explained with the help of a practical example
  • Industry 4.0 - the Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0 and the effects of digitization on vocational training in Germany
  • The German Continuing Education System & School Management
  • Teachers and trainers in German vocational education


  • Krones AG - Neutraubling (near Regensburg)
  • BMW Regensburg
  • Siemens AG München
  • visiting Regensburg & München

When the certificates were handover it became clear: The cooperation is based on great respect, commitment and recognition of all people involved. Especially the comprehensive and cordial support at the Campus Regenstauf is very much remembered by the visitors. Strengthened by extensive expert knowledge, the participants returned to their homeland on Saturday, 08.12.2018.

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