Unternehmensgruppe Eckert


Global Educational Collaboration: Teacher exchange program for Shaanxi College of Communication Technology/China


On Monday, the 10th of July 2023, the Eckert Schools International welcomed seven teachers from Shaanxi College of Communication Technology for a one-week exchange program focusing on "Vocational Education in Germany" and "Control Technology for Road Safety".

A short tour through the school and an overlook over the 27 hectare campus proved: the Eckert Schulen offer an impressive range of educational opportunitites. Topics such as the German education system and the German dual training system were worked out and discussed in workshops and professional presentations.

The excursion to the company Audi AG in Ingolstadt was one of the highlights of the exchange program. The excursion focused on "control technology for road safety". Experts from Eckert Schools International organized additional workshops on the implementation of learning concepts, action-oriented teaching methods and the German qualification standards.

The exchange program was rounded off by a varied cultural program.