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Quzhou Technician College in China Implements Project and Action-Oriented Approach for Tangible Results


In January 2024, Eckert Schools International organized an impactful training initiative at Quzhou Technician College in China. Head of Department Hubert Döllinger took the lead, employing dynamic and action-oriented teaching methodologies. Engaging 30 students and 2 teachers, Hubert Döllinger skillfully illustrated project planning through the lens of a conveyor system.

Action and project orientation are essential elements of practice-oriented vocational training and form the basis for a qualified professional career later on. This hands-on approach, emphasizing both action and project orientation, underlines the fundamental importance of practical vocational training. These elements serve as the cornerstone for cultivating a strong foundation, laying the groundwork for a successful and qualified professional career in the future.

The following points were implemented in an action-oriented manner during the one-week training project:

  • Description of the desired control functions
  • Project planning of the required hardware (actuators, sensors and programmable logic controller)
  • Creation of the PLC software to fulfill the controlling task
  • Preliminary test and troubleshooting on the digital twin
  • Commissioning on the real system
  • Final review of the project progreshighlighting the benefits of agile project management

The Chinese customers were very pleased with the training and are planning a follow-up event on the subject of "vehicle communication systems" in the near future.