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Train the Trainer: Meeting with the Shanxi Energy Institute

The proved train-the train-concept is increasingly turning into an export hit – Eckert Schools international discuss new tailor-made proposals with the Shanxi Energy Institute in China.

Two groups, each consisting of 15 Chinese vocational school teachers, have already experienced an on-campus training in Regenstauf on the topic of "the German dual training system". Since 2017, the Shaanxi Energy Institute in China has been relying on Eckert Schools International for enhancing and refining their teachers' profiles. After the first successful projects the cooperation is now to be further intensified, namely with a tailor-made course concept.

So far, the knowledge was taught to the teachers in a very compact way: they participated in a two-week intensive training on Regenstauf campus. Since the vocational teachers all teach in different disciplines, the content of the training heavily focussed on didactics, lesson planning or interdisciplinary teaching methods in the times of industry 4.0.

The next step could now be to intensify the on-spot support of each individual vocational school teacher and thus to individually adapt the train-the-trainer concept. Over a time-span of several months on Campus Regenstauf, a private tutor would be assigned to each participant and would thus gain a first-hand insight into the lessons and could also actively participate in the lesson planning. The tailor-made train-the-trainer concept is supplemented by special workshops. Further planning discussions are in progress.

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