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Training for Vietnam´s first "car makers": The cornerstone is successfully laid

Eighteen teachers from Vietnam have successfully graduated from the first phase of the custom-made Train-the-Trainer programme at the Regenstauf campus. Phase two, direct on the premises of the VinFast Training Center, is to begin shortly. In this way, experts from Eckert Schools International are making the participants in Haiphong, Vietnam, 9,000 Kilometers away, fit for the training of skilled personnel in their own land.

Regenstauf / Vietnam. Proud and content, the 18 teachers from Vietnam sit in the Barock Hall at the Regenstauf Campus. They are finishing what will be their last training week for the time being at Eckert Schools International, and remembering all they have experienced over the last three months. The following day, they will return home to Vietnam, full of technical knowledge from industrial mechanics and mechatronics, and in June they will start phase two of their Train-the-Trainer programme. For this, the Eckert teaching staff will give lessons at the VinFast Training Center. The training of skilled personnel is due to commence on the ground in Haiphong, the third biggest city in the north of Vietnam, in August 2018.

The aim is clear: just a few metres away from the modern teaching centre, on VinFast´s factory floors, Vietnam´s first cars are set to roll off the production lines. The newest participants from Eckert Schools International will henceforth take care of training the future "car makers" on the ground. The teachers showed great dedication in the custom-made Train-the-Trainer Pprogramme, where they have gained both didactic and technical know-how from the areas of industrial mechanics and mechatronics. In cunjunction with the educational experts in Regenstauf, they have devised a training plan which will henceforth be used in the VinFast Training Center. They have spent almost three months on the Regenstauf Campus, creating and planning lessons and teaching units, teaching methodology and didactics and an evaluation system for knowledge and skills of the future trainees. The foundations of occupational health and safety and environmental protection were also considered, and excursions to the occupational school in Nabburg, the Festo Training Center in Esslingen and the BMW production facilities in Regensburg provided useful practical examples for their future work.

With this tailored package, Eckert Schools International brings the wealth of experience it has gathered over more than 70 years to bear on occupational education in Vietnam. The teachers have many years of practical experience and impart the background to the level of quality to be found in the German educational standards. In this way, the future trainees will enjoy a dual educational system which interlocks well-grounded theory with practical phases. Even the final examination process will correspond to the standards of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. By finishing phase two of the Train-the-Trainer programme this summer, the 18 occupational school teachers will be perfectly prepared for the challenges ahead.

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