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Economic Development Zone Pukou profits from Regenstauf’s knowledge in the field of education

Visit in Nanjing, China: long-term cooperation planned with local educational institutio

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Nanjing / Regenstauf. Housing complexes, global cooperations, educational institutions: a high-tech economic development zone is currently emerging in the Nanjing City of Chinese province Jiangsu. In January 2019, the Eckert Schools International were on-site for initial negotiations about future cooperation models.

After intensive discussions, the presentation of the concept and the presentation of the buildings with their strategic orientation it was clear: Long-term cooperation between the local educational company and the Eckert Schools International can bear great fruit: A sustainable implementation of a system of vocational training in China based on the renowned German model is a top priority on the agenda - educational knowledge from Regenstauf is therefore very popular.

It is about securing skilled personnel, new technologies in further education as well as strategic human resources development and the future-oriented support of local companies as employers. Thus, after initial short-term measures reaching from student exchange programs to train-the-trainer courses - customized intensive training and consulting models could be designed and implemented.

The visit was attended by the following:
- Ms Zhihong Tang
President of the Chinese-German Center for Technology & Innovation in Munich
- Mr Haiyun Jiang
Representative Nanjing City
- Mr Yutao Niu
Vice president of the Jiangsu Open University
- Mr Yuan Yang
Director of Student Admission and Enrolment Office
- Mr Yuzhe Wu
associate director of the economic development zone Pukou
- Ms Dongfang Niu
Director of Key Project Office
- Mr Markus Johannes Zimmermann
CEO of Eckert Schools International
- Mr Gerald Saule
Head of Vocational Training International of Eckert Schools International
- Ms Hua Lei
Senior Project Manager International of Eckert Schools International

For more information on Eckert Schools International's educational offerings please contact Hua Lei, by phone (+9402) 502 158, by email at info@eckert-schools-international.com or online at www.eckert-schools-international.com.