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German Industrial Master Craftsman International - CNC Production Technology (m/f)

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This course of study covers high value subjects such as business management, modern technology, organization and personnel management. Completing the course program to become a German international CNC manufacturing specialist is the right step for those working in the metalworking industry who wish to qualify for more advanced positions in the industry.

This course is a popular choice for career advancement for qualified specialists in the metalworking industry and also offers participants the opportunity to expand their intercultural qualifications. Graduates will be able to understand the requirements and procedures of international companies and will have the ability to both develop and implement solutions independently. A German international CNC manufacturing specialist has the qualifications and foundation to take on leadership positions in international companies that employ mechanical production and

CNC controlled technology. Companies place a high value on graduates with these qualifications because CNC technology has become such a key technology and qualified specialists are needed to help optimize and expand their respective mechanical production capacity worldwide.

   The job-specific qualification section of the course is carried out in cooperation with DMG MORI, a leading global manufacturer of cutting machines. This partnership ensures that only the latest in CNC technology will be used which gives the course participants the opportunity to train on state of the art systems under the guidance of highly qualified and certified trainers provided by the DMG MORI Academy.


Interdisciplinary basic qualification (BQ section) - 360 Teaching Units 

  • Business Management (100 TU)
  • Information, communication and planning methods (100 TU)
  • Operational cooperation (80 TU)
  • Consideration of scientific and technical laws and principles (80 TU)

Specific operational qualification (SQ section)

CNC Production Technology - 600 Teaching Units


  • CNC turning technology (60 TU)
  • CNC milling technology (120 TU)
  • CAD/CAM manufacturing technology (80 TU)
  • Maintenance and repair (20 TU)


  • Operational management (60 TU)
  • Planning, control and communication systems (60 TU)
  • Occupational safety and environmental and health protection (40 TU)

Management and personnel

  • Personnel management (60 TU)
  • Personnel development (60 TU)
  • Quality management (40 TU)



Depending on the agreement, the course can be carried out in German or English. Participants must have at least level B1 in the relevant language.

Interdisciplinary basic qualification

  1. Successful completion of a relevant course of vocational training
  2. Or successful completion of a different course of vocational training followed by two years of work experience
  3. Or at least four years of work experience

Specific operational qualification

  1. Successfully completion of the course section “Interdisciplinary basic qualification” in the last five years and
  2. An additional year of work experience above and beyond the requirements named above.

 Exceptions may be granted upon request.

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