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TtT - Module 2 - Pedagogical and Didactical Implementation

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Eckert Schools Certificate
1 - 2 weeks, according to customer wishes
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upon request
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Module 2 - Pedagogical and Didactical Implementation in Selected Professions

Continuing education for teachers plays an important role not only as a part of lifelong learning. In a teaching profession you ought to constantly expand your expertise and competencies and reflect your pedagogical performance.

There are more than 300 recognised training occupations in Germany. In Module 2, specialist teachers from abroad will gain a detailed insight into the vocational training of particular occupations or a specific field of work. Thus, you may get new ideas for further developing curricula and teaching methods which help improve the learning success. 

Target group:

Foreign specialist teachers of initial and further vocational education and training


Presentations and discussions:

  • Analysis of the training regulations and framework of the respective occupation
  • Implementation of the company training plan for the respective occupation
  • Development of learning situations for typical occupational tasks
  •  Annual didactic planning of the vocational school curriculum for the respective occupation
  •  Analysis and simulation of the IHK final examination 
  • Further training opportunities in the respective occupation

Job shadowing:

  • Sitting in on lectures and lessons at a vocational school
  • Observation during in-company training 


  • Visit to a training company with training workshop for the respective occupation
  • Visit to a vocational school providing dual vocational training for the respective occupation

Occupations and professions:

Thanks to the great variety of educational offers at the Dr. Robert Eckert AG, Eckert Schools International can design and implement a train the trainer program
in a wide range of occupations and professions.

Engineering & Technology:

Mechanical Engineering & Quality Assurance:

  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Machining Technology
  • Technical Product Design
  • CNC Technology
  • Quality Assurance Specialist

Electrical Engineering:

  • Electronics - Automation Technology
  • Electronics - Devices and Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Mechatronics


  • Automotive Mechatronics Technician
  • Automotive Engineering and E-Mobility


  • Architectural Draughtsperson
  • Construction Engineering
  • Heating, Sanitary and AC Technology
  • Wood Technology

IT and Media:

  • IT Specialist - Application Development
  • IT Specialist - Data and Process Analysis
  • IT Specialist - System Integration
  • Information Technology
  • IT Systems Electronics Technician
  • Management Assistant for Digitalisation Management
  • Management Assistant for IT Systems Management
  • Media Design Digital and Print

Business and Commerce:

  • Car Sales Management Assistant
  • Office Management Assistant
  • Industrial Business Management Assistant
  • E-commerce Management Assistant
  • Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance
  • Marketing Communications Assistant
  • Management Assistant in Health Care


  • Optician
  • Medical-Technical Laboratory Assistant
  • Medical-Technical Radiology Assistant
  • Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing and Geriatric Care


  • Assistant - Hotel Management
  • Specialist - Hospitality
  • Specialist - System Catering
  • Gastronomic Assistant
  • Hotel Specialist
  • Management Assistant in Hospitality
  • Chef
  • Restaurant Specialist

Transport and Freight Forwarding:

  • Management Assistant for Freight Forwarding and Logistics
  • Specialist Warehouse Logistics
  • Train Driver

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