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Eckert Schools International: 74 “Professional Trainer International” successfully conclude their teacher training program seminar with an IHK certificate

Between December 2021 and January 2022 an international teacher training seminar took place at Eckert Schools International. 74 Chinese teachers from 13 vocational colleges and 7 cities successfully participated in the online seminar “Professional Trainer International”.

The online training was conducted via MS teams.

Markus Johannes Zimmermann, CEO of Dr. Eckert Academy, during the closing ceremony of the seminar


The seminar “Professional Trainer International” is held on a regular basis with different specializations and focuses. This time the focus was on “Didactics and School Management in Vocational Education.” The online-seminar had been organized by the Chinese-African Union in Vocational Education and Training and the Dr. Eckert Academy. The aim was to strengthen the competences of teachers in China in the context of internationalization. 

The teacher-training seminar attracted great interest, and so Eckert Schools International was very pleased to welcome two full groups to the program, thus being able to hand out 74 IHK (German Chambers of Industry and Commerce)-certificates to their 74 successful Professional Trainer International graduates. 
“You need a great variety of competences to continuously improve a viable quality management system,” said Markus Johannes Zimmermann, CEO of Dr. Eckert Academy. This is underlined by the contents of the seminar: in addition to gaining a general understanding of the German dual VET, the teachers were introduced to the development of educational standards. They also had the opportunity to try various teaching methods in workshops and were able to strengthen their competences for reforming vocational education with regard to Industry 4.0 and ongoing digital transformation. The hands-on-oriented seminar also focused on digitalisation in school management and administration, as well as on the establishment of a quality management system in vocational schools. 

 “This teacher training seminar is just a start. In the future, the focus will be on success-oriented training models based on the German model. This is how we want to promote internationalization,” said Dr. Duan, Secretary General of the Chinese-African Union in Vocational Education and Training. 
Mr Jiang, Party head of Zibo Vocational Institute and Vice Secretary General of the Chinese-African Union in Vocational Education and Training, also expressed his satisfaction at the closing ceremony, saying: “This successful and solid step promises a first-class journey which is driven by the newly gained impulses and competences.“

In 2022 the Chinese-African Union in Vocational Education and Training plans to develop and organize further teacher-training seminars together with Eckert Schools International.

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