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Chinese guests gain an insight into industry 4.0

In the course of a promotion conference of the Bremen Chinese Academic Union, Eckert Schools International visited the China Certification & Inspection Germany GmbH (CCIC Germany) in Bremen on Saturday, January 19, 2019 to speak on the topic of industry 4.0.

Bremen. In his talk, Hubert Döllinger, head of the department of electrical engineering at Dr. Eckert Academy, gave an outline about the seminal topic of the so-called 4th industrial revolution.

With the help of key term he presented the strategic initiative of industry 4.0 and the smart factory as core concept as a part of a vision of a smart networked world and also positioned it in the current technological landscape.

Mr Döllinger emphasized that industry 4.0 will have to build up upon current technologies. Also, it will lead to a redefinition of globally valid interface standards. He also pointed out that we will also have to face disruptive innovations which will lead to a so far unforeseeable change in technology and society.

Combining industry 4.0 with the performance of neural networks and artificial intelligence will create new services, value-added chains and future-oriented business models.

Representatives of the Bremen state parliament as well as the both, organizers of China Certification & Inspection Germany Ltd, and a group of Chinese guest students were impressed by the future key role that industry 4.0 is going to play in the global context.

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