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From South Korea in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate)

In mid-September, Eckert Schulen International and RBZ Augsburg welcomed 11 students from Jeonbuk, South Korea to a 3-month stay in Regenstauf. The class visit is part of the project MAI iTeCK. The goal of the vocational training co-operation is to transfer the dual training according to the German model to South Korea.

Regenstauf / Augsburg Since mid-September, eleven 18-year-old students from South Korea have been on Eckert Campus in Regenstauf and will stay here for three months. On their itinerary are trainings in the CNC area, German courses and various company visits. The participants are students of a Korean master school (equivalent to the German secondary school), who are in their final year.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Education Jeonbuk. The ministry wants to give the students the opportunity to continue their education in the technical field. Having already implemented similar programs in other areas, e.g. catering and gastronomy, there were now means provided for trainings in the technical field, such as automation, CNC or production technology. Germany has been rewarded the contract because the country is recognized worldwide for its training and continuing education system as well as its sound technical education

The Eckert schools were able to convince with their concept and are very happy about the visit of the young Koreans. For almost everyone it is the first time in Germany or in Europe in general. "Despite initial respect for what awaits them far from home and a certain timidity, the students are now very motivated, and they are diligently studying and eagerly working on their German language skills", says Gerald Saule, Head of Vocational Training at Eckert Schools International. "They are glad to have the opportunity to participate in such a program, to improve their technical and language skills and to get to know the German education and training system." Many of them would like to stay in Germany after the end of the program in order to find a training position, for example.

The school group visit is the first step towards a consolidation of the BMBF funding project MAI iTeCK, which aims to transfer the German dual training system to South Korea. Here, students experience live and on-site what dual vocational training means - from both a school-based as well as a company-based perspective. This experience should contribute to the enthusiasm for the dual training to South Korea and should thus result in beginning a dual training based on the German model after the completion of the program.

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